Textbook: Smith 3rd Ed. (2010)

Chapter 12: Oxidation and Reduction

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Individual Problems

Problem # 678

Draw the structure of the major organic product from each reaction sequence.

Problem # 561

Fill in the product for each reaction below. Indicate stereochemistry where appropriate.

Problem # 673

Show how each compound can be prepared from an alkene containing 3 carbons (or less).

Each answer will involve the reaction of a Grignard with either a carbonyl or epoxide.

Note: epoxides are prepared from alkenes using a peroxy acid (epoxidation) such as mCPBA.

Problem # 529

Indicate the major organic product of the reaction below. Include stereochemistry.

Problem # 530


Let's work through anti and syn additions to alkenes.
Show the product for each reaction below, and indicate whether the product will be a racemic mixture of enantiomers, or a meso compound (which is achiral).

Problem # 679

Compound A (C5H12O) is oxidized using aqueous chromium (Jones reagent) to compound B (C5H10O2), which is then treated with methanol under acidic conditions to yield compound C (C6H12O2) and water.

The 1H NMR of compound C is shown below. Determine the structures of compounds A, B, and C.