Privacy Policy

Below is outlined the privacy practices of MendelSet. We believe we have done our best to provide a general guide on how we handle the personal data of each user. We are Internet users like you and understand the concern for privacy and safety. If you have any questions concerning privacy or our service, please contact us for more information.

Information We Collect and Display

When you sign-up for MendelSet, you are asked to provide basic information and an email address. We will keep your email address private from other users. Please note that we cannot control if you choose to share personal information like your email address with others through correspondence on our site or through third-party communication methods. Information entered in your profile section is available to other users. If you chose to publish any personal information in your profile such as your home address, phone number, or email address, this information will be available to view by other users.

We may collect information you provide on this website. Information including your user name and profile data is viewable by other users of MendelSet. As of now, there is no privacy setting to select what you would like to make private that would otherwise be public. This is to ensure the best network experience among all users.

We may use analytical software to collect statistics concerning demographic information and information on how the site is utilized. As is common for most websites, we may receive information specific to your system for accessing the site including browser, operating system, IP address, and other information. This is to help us improve the product for the end-user. We may use Cookies on this site. Cookies are defined as files stored on your browser that contain information used to create a personalized experience when viewing our site.

All information entered on MendelSet including private messages is retained on our servers.
If you wish to remove your profile completely from our site, please contact us with a formal request to be removed. The formal request must come from the same email address as is listed on your account. Certain information may be retained on the site even after your account is removed such as questions or problem sets you created. Your username may still be used to identify you as an author of such content.

Responsibility of the User

We strive to ensure that your data is kept secure, but due to the nature of transmitting information online, we cannot guarantee the safety of your password and information. Please take precautions to guard your password by making it hard to decipher and do not share it with others. If you use a public computer, please sign-off before ending your session.
Please be mindful of posts that are made on this site. We reserve the right to modify or remove posts for any reason, including but not limited to those posts we find to be offensive or against the ideals of MendelSet.
Do not use this site to harass, abuse, spam, or otherwise violate the use of MendelSet. We reserve the right to remove users and material from MendelSet.

MendelSet may redirect you to outside websites. We do not control the content of any outside site or privacy policy of said site. We would advise you to contact such sites for information on their privacy policy.

Information Provided to Third Parties

We do not sell information on our site to third parties.


We may contact you using the provided email in your account about news on changes to the site. You may also receive email notifications when you get new private messages, request for password change, or other different notifications concerning the site.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We may update or modify the privacy policy from time to time. New policy information will be posted in the privacy policy section of this website.