Frequently Asked Questions

    About MendelSet

  • What exactly is this site about? What is a mendel set?

  • MendelSet makes studying easier by providing practice problems with detailed solutions for organic chemistry.

    You simply select a textbook and a chapter, and MendelSet will generate a custom mendel set (think of it as a problem set) of relevant practice problems.

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  • How do you do that?

  • We're geeks and it involves some programming code. But, here's the basic idea: When you select a textbook and a chapter, MendelSet will fetch practice problems that match the topics and concepts covered in that chapter.

  • Are there other ways of searching for practice problems?

  • Yes. You can also search by keyword or by topic. But the textbook search is the most useful.

  • What else do you do?

  • MendelSet provides articles and lab report guides on organic chemistry. View Lab Guides »

  • Does MendelSet only do orgo? What about gen chem?

  • Currently the only subject we offer is organic chemistry. But other subjects are coming very soon.

  • Is it really free?

  • Yes. We will never ask you for a cent. Or even 一分钱

  • Then how do you make money?

  • We don't. For now we're only interested in providing students and educators with the best study materials possible.

  • Are you connected to any school or university?

  • No. MendelSet was started by organic chemistry teaching enthusiasts (yes, we exist).

    MendelSet is not affiliated with, connected to, or endorsed by any college or university.

  • Who is your target audience?

  • There are two groups of people who benefit from MendelSet:

    • Students taking organic chemistry or studying for the MCAT can easily find relevant practice problems to use in their studies.
    • Professors, tutors, and TA's teaching organic chemistry can easily find practice problems and mendel sets to use as teaching materials for their students.

  • Who are you? How can I contact you?

  • Learn more about us on our about page »

    We can be contacted through our contact form »