About MendelSet

Organic chemistry has a reputation for being difficult, but that's because most students don't know the secret to understanding class material and getting that A: Do practice problems!

Matthew Giovine has tutored hundreds of students over the years and noticed that many students simply didn't do textbook problems, even when assigned specific questions. There are many reasons for this:

  • Textbook questions vary in quality.
  • Not all students have a solutions manual, which are often sold separately.
  • Many answer explanations aren't written clearly, and can leave students more confused than when they started.

And the list can go on. The fact that textbooks are often 15 lbs probably doesn't help either.

So Matt started making his own practice problems and worksheets for his students. And to his surprise, students actually did them!

MendelSet makes it easy for students to find practice problems with plain English solutions.

Just choose a textbook and chapter, and MendelSet generates a custom problem set (a "mendel set") of relevant practice problems. You can also search by topic or keyword.

Mendel sets make great study guides, and are perfect for tutors and professors to share with their students.


To learn more about MendelSet, please see our frequently asked questions page.