Synthesis (show how to prepare X from Y..)

Problem # 1336

Determine a synthesis to prepare 2-chloro-4-methylpentane from 1-iodo-4-methylpentane.



Problem # 757

Propose a synthesis to accomplish each transformation. The only carbon sources allowed are alkenes and NaCN.

Problem # 749

Show how to prepare each compound below from propanal. I've marked the "cuts" for you.

Problem # 747

Show a combination of enolate (nucleophile) and electrophile that can produce each compound below.

Remember that all enolates come from carbonyls.

Problem # 746

Show what combination of aldehyde, ketone, and/or ester can prepare each compound below. Every compound is a Claisen or aldol product.

Problem # 735

Show how each ketone below can be prepared from sodium cyanide and either ethylene or propene.

You may also use methyl Grignard and ethylene oxide.

Problem # 723

Show how to prepare each compound from vinyl benzene.

How would you prepare the methyl ester of each compound?

Problem # 722

Show how to prepare vinyl benzene from benzene.

Problem # 714

Complete each synthesis below. All carbon sources must come from alkenes.

Each synthesis will involve protecting groups.

Problem # 712

Show what combination of amine and carbonyl would result in each imine or enamine.