formal charge

MS 4525 - C420 Unit 2 Homework Submitted by brucezenner on January 29, 2015.

Keywords: elementary acid-base, formal charge, introduction, resonance, review

Description: Second homework set for Chem 420

Total Problems: 13

MS 902 - Formal Charge and Resonance Submitted by Matt on August 6, 2011.

Textbook and Chapter: Carey and Giuliano 8th Ed. (2010), Chapter 1

Keywords: formal charge, Lewis structures, resonance

Description: This mendel set goes through the basics of structure:

  • Converting between formulas and carbon skeleton diagrams ("Zig-zag" structures)
  • Determining formal charge
  • Identifying implicit hydrogens and lone pairs
  • Resonance and arrow pushing

Total Problems: 7

Problem # 311

For each molecule below, draw in all implied lone pairs and/or protons (hydrogens) based on the formal charge shown.


Problem # 310

For each molecule, determine the formal charge of the indicated atom.