carbocation formation

MS 904 - Carbocation Drills Submitted by Matt on August 6, 2011.

Textbook and Chapters: Carey and Giuliano 8th Ed. (2010), Chapters 4, 5, 6

Keywords: carbocation, carbocation formation, carbocation rearrangement

Description: This mendel set guides you through everything you have to know about carbocations:

  • Ways carbocations form
  • Carbocation rearrangements
  • How carbocations react (elimination or nucleophilic attack)

Also includes some practice problems: addition to an alkene, dehydration (E1), and substitution (SN1).

Total Problems: 8

Problem # 334

 Let's go over how a carbocation can form from an alkene.

Use curved arrows to show the two carbocations that can from from 1-methylcyclohexene.


Problem # 333

Let's go over how a carbocation can form from an alcohol.

Write in the curved arrows to show the formation of the protonated alcohol, and water acting as a leaving group to form a carbocation.