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General Chemistry
Organic Chemistry


Bucknell University (PA)
Villanova University (PA)

Published Problems

Topic Updated
Problem 518 Carbocation Fundamentals (Stability, Rearrangement, SN1) Mar 12 2013 - 00:26
Problem 669 Grignard and Masked Carbanions (alcohols from carbonyls) Apr 11 2012 - 11:46
Problem 1286 Concept (explain why this is so..) Oct 16 2011 - 15:07

Compiled Mendel Sets

Title Textbook Chapter(s)
MS 937 - Amine Practice Aug 7, 2011 Amine topics: -amine basicity -Hoffman elimination -Reductive amination -Nitrile reduction Carey and Giuliano 8th Ed. (2010) 21
Aug 7, 2011 Enolate formation and carbonyl alpha position pKa. Aldol and Claisen condensations. Carey and Giuliano 8th Ed. (2010) 20
MS 935 - Enols and Enolates Aug 7, 2011 Goes over how to form enols/enolates under acidic and basic conditions, and how enols/enolates... Carey and Giuliano 8th Ed. (2010) 20

More About Me

I'm the co-founder of MendelSet. I spent about 2.5 years in China before returning to the US to work for (another) Chinese chemical company. When I got back I ran my own organic chemistry group review classes.

I'm now in Austin running BD for Endao. MendelSet grew out of the lab guides and problem sets I made while teaching and tutoring. Learn more MendelSet here. I hope you find it helpful.